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This is the Age of Anti-Psychoanalysis

A crisis in authority, and everyone is stamping their feet. 

All danger must be clear and present, especially that of the audit and algorithm; the resistance, too, calls upon transparency and objecthood. 

Imagine reading psychoanalytically at such a time!

To begin with the text; to read closely and in perspective; to reflect on one's own formulations and framing in the light of this reading; to be caught up in a reading effect; to work through, or not; to question authority, including the authority of the question. 

Auditing such a reading would not be straightforward; in the age of Anti-Psychoanalysis, the assumption would be that it was the work of irresponsible chancers, best avoided....

This website, in the form of an occasional blog, will bring to light academic articles that, we contend, would otherwise be avoided... 

They may be avoided still...

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