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The child, dis/ability and the human

Professor Karín Lesnik-Oberstein, Graduate Centre for International Research in Childhood: Literature, Culture, Media (CIRCL), University of Reading, UK

Paper presented at the Humanity Under Duress Symposium, co-hosted by iHuman/Inclusive Societies, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Sheffield, INOX conference centre, 20th-21st June 2019 “...Because of the Dis/abled child being situated as a measure of the human (not, most and least) it is also invoked constantly in the resistances and protests against austerity and the implications of austerity, but my greatest worry in the midst of all of this is that because the Dis/abled child is also already ‘known’ to everyone – a site of truth – these protests and resistances in fact all too often – wittingly or unwittingly – operate on exactly the same principles as austerity and casino (or audit) capitalism themselves...”

Follow the link for full article:


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